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EP: 78 - The Fearless Pursuit To Setting Your Soul On Fire

September 13, 2022 Episode 78
The Digital Glue Podcast
EP: 78 - The Fearless Pursuit To Setting Your Soul On Fire
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“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow …’” – May Ann Radmacher, Author 

Welcome to Episode 78:The Fearless Pursuit To Setting Your Soul On Fire

 Entrepreneurship isn’t always the sexy, glamorous career path it has been made out to be. But it’s also not about giving up and the last man or woman standing when everyone else has fallen by the wayside. But with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. We must use #AllTheTools in our toolbox … willpower, commitment, perseverance, courage, determination, creativity, and leadership -- all the while having terribly thick skin and a drive to become fearless in our pursuit so we can set our souls on fire!
Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • Why creatives see the world so differently
  • Why pursuit of your “in-the-zone” creative life is important
  • How to become a thought leader in today’s world
  • Brain inducing words to share you message with impact
  • How a mental “checklist” can help your journey (and what should be on that list)

Are you ready?
Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!

I truly do believe that my creative mind is my greatest weapon.

People with creative personalities really do see the world differently. So, what is it about designers, such as me, that make us show the world things that are new, refreshing, different -- perhaps even a bit off kilter -- and maybe even things you never imagined before?

To get all scientific on you right off the hop, did you know that neuroscience has proven that people with particularly creative minds have brains that are wired differently to individuals with less creativity?! (This now explains a lot about my life, LOL!) What’s even crazier is that the HOW has yet to be explained. Scientists know it has to do with different personality traits, certain behavioral patterns, family, and social influences … But to me, those feel like the obvious answers.

So, what traits are most common with individual creative minds of the world?

(I know you’re craving to pick up a few if your creativity has been low lately -- blame it on the ever-changing moon cycles -- or you feel you don’t have a single creative bone in your body -- which isn’t true).

From what I’ve observed throughout my lifetime of living amongst many creative individuals, and being one myself, it all starts with the daydreaming …

Some may say it’s a complete waste of time but those of us living the right-brained life beg to differ. Daydreaming is FAR FROM a waste of time. It is where we make our strongest connections with our ideas. It allows us to put things in motion, finish that mind puzzle and look at things, beings, life, music, art, behaviours, colours, styles, and so on in different ways. Ways that may not make sense at first glance but they’re all buzzing around in our brain for a reason. These realistic daydreams show us the possibilities, which we can then act on.

Daydreaming is the purest form of being. Take that away and one suffers. Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.

Another quality trait high up on the spectrum would be the way we’re always asking questions, which I like to call “challenging the status quo”. 

We want to make a huge impact on the world, the way things in the world are viewed. Truthfully … EVERYTHING! We want to make a difference. And that is why we, creative individuals, are always in question mode. 

  • What if I …?
  • Why can’t we …?
  • Why wouldn’t this …?
  • How do I …?

So, no … we’re not trying to agitate everyone around us. We’re trying to push the boundaries of what’s already out there and define the world as it is yet able to redefine all possibilities. All at the same time. Which brings me to my next point …


If you have someone in your life who lives on the edge of the world because their mind is always elsewhere (aka “in-the-zone”) -- in creative land -- you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. This “zone” can even happen when we’re not working on a creative project. But our minds never stop. There’s always that next idea or ways to work on making the current one bigger. Better. 

So, this flow of always being “in the zone” is in a way of like we’re ignoring the world by tuning into other emotions or thoughts. Or maybe to some of you, acting like an alien. But the zone is a real thing. We’re not ignoring you, honest. It’s just that our minds work in mysterious ways and it’s almost as if our brain is locked in an impenetrable bubble. Not even sound can get in … Nothing. Not until that idea has been implemented full-force or planned out strategically in our minds. (Hence why Pinterest and Instagram for creatives can become a minefield … Literally lost for days!).

And through all this is how us creative individuals form patterns and connections …

For us to truly create and contribute to the world, we have to be able to connect countless dots, to cross-pollinate the ideas (let’s call these “building blocks”) we’ve mustered up in order to combine and recombine these pieces into new and shining masterpieces! And the more building blocks we have at our disposal, the more interesting our masterpiece will become. 

So, really … every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of previous ideas. And when you add the knowledge one has with certain platforms, devices, and mediums it creates a true “big bang” power of brand spankin’ new experiences! After all, the more knowledge one has, the more connections can be made.

As Steve Jobs cleverly stated; “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.”

Most of us living the creative life also battle with project multi-tasking because something always feels unfinished, difficult, or not as “perfect” as we wanted so we abandon it (maybe not forever) and get distracted by our next BIG IDEA.

For example, here’s a list of the art projects I currently have on the go (you’re seriously going to let out a huge Charlie Brown “good grief!”) …

In my world beyond business … I have 3 beautifully started but not quite finished “me sized” canvas paintings (a medusa, a heart-shaped tree, a “beyond the looking glass” Alice in Wonderland, and a swimmingly cute jellyfish -- with many more ideas hidden on sketches in a secret place in my art studio), a handful of half painted craft projects, two pieces of driftwood that I started wood burning art designs on (still learning this new hobby -- it’s a  long n’ slow process), a stack of Christmas crafts I began creating, hmmm …. about 2 years ago now (LOL!), a book I wrote but still needs some fine-tuning and a cover designed for it and a short stack of adult colouring books that I keep getting as gifts -- which I love but never have time for. And that’s just my shortlist! 

It’s not that I don’t want to be “working” on all these glorious projects. It’s just that I LOVE doing so many damn things on so many different creative levels that I can never quite sit down and finish one project at a time. Because for me it depends on my creative mood … Do I feel like painting, sketching, reading, researching new ideas/techniques? Or do I feel like being a messy artist? A soulful painter with jazz music flowing in the background. All depends on the day I had and the mood I’m in.

Then there’s the business front -- my personal VU projects and for those of my wonderful clients who need a little “untangling” … But that’s a story for another day!

This doesn’t even complete a true full list of all the traits that come along with living a right-brained life. Just a mini version of the ones that I feel are top of the list. 

So, before we move into a like-minded topic, let me ask you this … 
How do YOU see the world?

Now into the realm of a different pursuit … THOUGHT LEADERSHIP.

Our audiences' brains CRAVE certain chemical reactions to confirm what we are reading, hearing, and seeing from expert brands, voices, and stories. To keep them coming back for more, one needs to strengthen their message (focusing on real things, real feelings, and pain points) which tends to lead to more conversations, elevated interests, growth of influences, and ultimately an increase in sales. 

So, if you're ready to deliver "the goods" ... then this next discussion topic is for you where we’ll deep dive into how to help your audience feel better about themselves all the while meeting their most important needs and desires ...

Great leaders genuinely want to change the world.

They do things that set themselves apart from the crowd -- in addition to being an expert in their niche. And all the while changing the world, they are huge lovers of sharing. Through blogs, podcasts, articles, posts, speaking opportunities, books, eGuides, and well, basically any platform that will allow them to spread their message.

Does this sound like you?


Keep the momentum going and keep spreading “the word” while changing the world!

Not you but want it to be?

Here’s a few pointers to help you while beginning the thought leader journey …

  1. Never stop making connections. Especially right now in a near all virtual world … Virtual coffee is key.
  2. Create a win-win network … Connect your people with other people. Pay it forward.
  3. Don’t be shy. Occupy the authority space that surrounds you. Don’t just explain your thoughts and ideas … Implant them.
  4. Just keep swimming (think of Dori in Finding Nemo) -- one can only become an expert in their field/niche if they are a lifelong learner. And remember, what you learn doesn’t always have to be what you do!
  5. Keep your ego on the backburner … Not only share the limelight but let others shine! Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Okay … So, now that you have some ideas rolling around on your hamster wheel, here’s some brain inducing words to ethically provide a neuroscience-based approach for gaining “the right” audience with messaging you can back with proven results …

On the Dopamine inducing list, we have:

  • Success
  • Value
  • Acceptance
  • Elite
  • Deserve
  • Inner Circle
  • Spotlight
  • Desire
  • Ideal
  • Perfect

And on the Serotonin inducing list, we have words like:

  • Dream
  • Imagine
  • Possibility
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Inspire
  • Spark
  • Accelerate
  • Hope
  • Idea

And lastly, the Endorphin inducing list, which could include words like:

  • Adventure
  • Change
  • Unconventional
  • Rebel/Rebellion
  • Manifesto
  • Brazen
  • Passion
  • Powerful
  • Secret
  • Out-of-the-Box

If you’re a thought leader … and you do things the right way with the right branding and word representations … Your message can truly change the WORLD!

Okay, let’s switch gears one more time …

We talked about living the creative life, then about being a thought leader. As an entrepreneur, what do both of those things have in common in which they need to get by not only for sanity purposes, but in order to create a well-lived life of balance?


Embarking on the journey towards entrepreneurship is exciting when envisioned in your mind but can be very daunting and demanding when materializing your ideas. Let me clearly state that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted or those who are mentally “weak” at the knees. This type of career path will highlight your strengths and your weaknesses (aka. “room for improvements”) and will force you to focus intently on bettering yourself to find success.

So, let me ask you …

  • Do you feel you are tough enough mentally and emotionally?
  • Are you prepared to work unbelievably hard and constantly and consistently in order to keep a competitive mindset on how to better enhance yourself for success?

I sure hope so, because this is what the life of entrepreneurship demands of you on a continual basis. Procrastination, lack of determination, and negative self-talk are not welcome here. You truly need to be fearless in the pursuit of setting your soul on fire!

So, if you’re on new to this world, or on the fence, or been here awhile but feeling #AllTheStruggles, here are some personal tools to help assist you along your entrepreneurial journey ...


Okay, so you have taken your very first steps into the big bright world of being an entrepreneur. Or you’ve been here for some time now but need a change …

Everything you do from here on out has broadened your horizons and reality has set in. You now require the strength to push through anything, including setbacks and discouraging circumstances. You have a lot of responsibilities (probably more than you imagined) and have to wear many hats, including being your strongest advocate as well as your loudest motivational coach.

Taking that leap to becoming an entrepreneur (or to change #AllTheThings) is a competitive and demanding journey. Only those with the most determination and strong focus will succeed. Make sure you are included in that exceptional group of people.

Willpower is the key to success. And we truly believe that successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt, and fear. 


Every single entrepreneur out there has oh so many days that are just plain rough. 

So, when it comes to commitment, there are no grey areas. Either you’re committed to your ideas and dreams -- or you’re not. It’s that simple. 

You will have to work all the time, be willing to try anything, be flexible and willing to “get your hands dirty” all the while staying true to yourself, your brand, your vision, and your mission. Just remember, many of the greatest visionaries have failed time and time again, but they were unwaveringly committed to making their visions a reality.


It’s unfortunate, but the truth of the matter is that many people will doubt your ability to be a successful entrepreneur. First of all, shame on them and secondly, shame on you if you believed them -- even for a second. 

If distractions of outside influences negatively interfere with the development of your business, then you may just be destined to fail. You must always remember to be your biggest, loudest, and most obnoxious cheerleader when things seem impossible to accomplish. Perseverance is an important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur.

You know that saying “If at first you do not succeed, try, try again”?

That means that few individuals are able to achieve great things without first overcoming the obstacles that stand in their way. 

Entrepreneurship isn’t always the sexy, glamorous career path it has been made out to be. But it’s also not about giving up and the last man or woman standing when everyone else has fallen by the wayside.

With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.


No matter what you may be feeling, or even fearing, you must be determined to conquer the risk of failure. Failure isn’t always a bad thing. However, those who are fearful of the unknown remain in a dependent position, while those who produce answers in the unknown create freedom. So, use all your feelings and fears as motivation to push harder towards the light of success. 
As humans, we are wired to survive and in today’s tech heavy world, that can sometimes make us lazy. If we have enough in our terms, then we strive for a better life. So, if you want to accomplish something in your life you must have the courage to protect your dreams. It’s not always easy, trust me, I know. But don’t be afraid. Face your fears, conquer them with style, be resilient, and the results will show.

As Mary Ann Radmacher says best … “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’” 


One of the most common reasons for entrepreneurial failure -- and sadly sometimes even business closure -- is a lack of determination and persistence. 

Those who are not determined to persevere until full-blown success tend to just jump from one idea to the next when something becomes difficult. This is not the way to place yourself onto the path of success.

Determination will help you overcome the unexpected. It will enable you to keep focused and make you dig deep down. So, don’t throw in the towel on your goals!

Sometimes we just need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we will screw up royally sometimes. So, understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success, makes all the difference.

And last but not least …


This is a tough one.

Especially if you’re a creative individual or new to putting yourself out there. To thrive in today’s society, not only in the world of business, but also in the grand scheme of things … It’s important to have “thick skin”.

We live in a world that can provide ample negative energy. And if all you do is dwell on that, you basically become a weaker version of your true self and move further away from your goals. But when you find you have finally developed thick skin, the word “procrastination” will no longer be a part of your vocabulary. Those words people use to hurt you, they will no longer matter. And you will not only no longer be afraid to do uncomfortable things anymore, but they will also actually excite you. 

Just never forget that thick skin should also come with a soft and caring heart!

So, be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire …!

To end things off today, we have one more piece of advice …

One of the golden keys to being successful is to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses. There’s always room for improvement. And knowing this, will make things much easier to move forward. So, remember, opportunities don’t grow on trees -- make sure that you work on all these qualities so that you are excited about what you’re sharing with the world through the eyes of your business.

The major takeaways in today’s “untangling” episode are (1) change happens from within and (2) you have the power to do whatever you desire.

So, the question I want to leave you all with is …

What are you going to do to set your soul on fire? And how are you going to be fearless in this glorious pursuit?