The Digital Glue Podcast

EP: 35 - The Ghosts We Once Knew ...

September 14, 2021 Episode 35
The Digital Glue Podcast
EP: 35 - The Ghosts We Once Knew ...
Show Notes

“Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

Welcome to Episode 35: The Ghosts We Once Knew

GHOSTING! It’s a real thing in the business world. 

That’s right folks, just like the culture of “swiping right” on Tinder and all those other dating apps, ghosting isn’t just for the dating world anymore … It has spilled over into the professional aspect of our lives, with negative consequences. And it hurts!

It’s not hard to search for subtext when you get no response, and your inbox is hearing crickets. And if you’re anything like me, your brain takes you in a million different directions, none of them happy ones. You keep racking your brain as to “what did I do wrong?” thus ending in sleepless nights trying to figure things out that are well out of your control as you don’t want to feel like this EVER AGAIN!

Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • The true definition of “ghosting”
  • Why they became the ghosts you once knew
  • How to ease the pain of being professionally ghosted
  • Patterns of a cancellation society


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