The Digital Glue Podcast

EP: 37 - Client "Rules" You Should Break ...!

September 28, 2021 Episode 37
The Digital Glue Podcast
EP: 37 - Client "Rules" You Should Break ...!
Show Notes

“Make improvements to your business through rock solid systems and they will stick like glue.” – Mark Wardell

Welcome to Episode 37: Client “Rules” You Should Break

We believe that developing amazing long-term relationships with clients means one is more likely to receive repeat business and great testimonials. The more satisfied the client, the higher the chance they will recommend your business and offerings to a colleague, leading to new business.

That being said, we've recently noticed a lot of blogs, podcasts, LinkedIn posts and other virtual goodies floating around about “how to have happy, long-lasting business relationships with clients” so one can continue to send those monthly invoices. They are not wrong, but it makes me feel as though people may be afraid to talk about the flipside … you know what I’m talking about … those clients from hell!

There's oh so many things one can do to keep the client happy, but what some don't realize is that there are also a handful of client "rules" one can break that keep both sides successfully happy …

Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • 12 steps to creating happy long-lasting client relationships
  • 5 client “rules” you should consider breaking
  • 7 reasons why you should never buy an email list
  • Solution (and prevention) to poor client treatment
  • How to not let “rules” define your success


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