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EP 42 - Unlocking the Hidden Power of Connections!

November 02, 2021 Episode 42
The Digital Glue Podcast
EP 42 - Unlocking the Hidden Power of Connections!
Show Notes

“Courage starts by showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” – Brene Brown


Welcome to Episode 42: Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Connections! 

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment ... Sometimes the word "networking" conjures images of uncomfortable schmooze-fests, where suit-clad business exec's work the room, wine glass in hand, feigned interest at the ready. 
 Networking (hard truth here) is a huge pain in the butt. Unless you’re an extrovert, then networking is a slice of chocolate cake.

But as an introvert, all the standing around, making awkward small talk while wearing a name tag, trying not to sweat, constantly drying your sticky hands, jumbling over your words while holding a napkin of cheese and crackers, and trying not to spill your liquid courage.

But networking and making REAL connections doesn't have to feel that bad as it’s simply about having conversations with people. Not about small, stuffy rooms where people are throwing their business cards at you before running off to the next person. It’s about sitting down with someone and chatting. Having normal, yet REAL human conversation.
Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • How to overcome the dread of networking (in-person)
  • 6 tips to move you from terrifying to liberating
  • The unraveled connection from shame, to courage, to vulnerability


Are you ready?
Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!