The Digital Glue Podcast

EP 52 - Unlocking Your Hidden Creativity ...

January 11, 2022 Episode 52
The Digital Glue Podcast
EP 52 - Unlocking Your Hidden Creativity ...
Show Notes

“Creativity allows us to stretch our minds, do new and exciting things, and engage ourselves in a way that takes us one step closer to reaching our full potential.” 

Welcome to Episode 52:Unlocking Your Hidden Creativity ...

I honestly do not know one creative person who isn’t doing multiple things or aspiring to do yet another. This is the true path to being a creative individual. Our minds never stop, even when we’re sleeping (or trying to fall asleep). 

As a creative individual I find I have a great deal of energy, both mental and physical. I can spend hours working on a single project, whether it be designing, painting, or DIYing. Doing these things holds my attention at a very deep level that nothing else truly does, while remaining enthusiastic about the next step, next brush stroke, and of course … next big idea! So, I guess you can call it what it is … I am a realistic daydreamer!

I like to daydream and imagine all the possibilities and wonders of the world around me. I tend to immerse myself in imagination and fantasy, yet due to my design background, remain grounded in that which is real. And that’s how I found my style! And those around me tend to agree. I tend to be BOLD or ITALIC but never regular (haha, bit of graphic design humor).
Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • Understanding me, your host, as a creative
  • Why you don’t have to choose one path over another
  • Why -- as a creative -- you need a business plan
  • How to write a business plan for a creative service business
  • What steps you’ll need to go from plan to action 

Are you ready?
Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!